Beaches Osteopath

Beaches Osteopath

If you suffer from pain and have been undergoing other treatments, it may be beneficial to see a Beaches osteopath. Osteopathy is a form of holistic treatment that uses manual manipulation to strengthen the musculoskeletal system of the body. This is a drug-free, non-invasive option for providing treatment for a variety of illnesses and injuries. This approach can be used in conjunction with other, traditional treatment methods.

Osteopathy Treatment

Osteopathy is a complimentary treatment that is often used with traditional care methods such as surgery and medications. The Beaches osteopath uses gentle yet effective manual techniques that are part of holistic treatment. The treatment may also include exercise and nutritional education to assist in providing pain relief and to improve the overall health of the patient.

Osteopathy can be used to treat a number of different injuries and illnesses. It is often associated with back pain but is also useful for many other conditions such as hip and knee pain, headaches, shoulder pain, elbow pain, neuralgia, postural problems, arthritis and more. The doctor will also check for other conditions that are treatable through other methods.

Osteopathy can help improve overall health and reduce chronic pain that could be the cause of insomnia and discomfort. The treatment is available to patients of all ages and is generally considered to be a safe and effective treatment, particularly when used with traditional treatments.

Your Visit to Beaches Osteopath

The first visit to our clinic begins with an initial consultation to discuss your needs and your health and treatment history. The Beaches osteopath will conduct a complete physical exam to diagnose your condition. You may be asked to complete some simple stretches and movements that will help the doctor assess your needs. The complete assessment will include reviewing your joints, ligaments, tissues using a technique called palpitation.

The doctor will create a treatment plan based on your specific needs. Treatment will include a variety of specialized techniques such as the application of gentle pressure and resistance, stretching and other manipulative methods. The physician uses holistic methods but may also prescribe medication if necessary.

In addition to osteopathic manipulation methods, the doctor may also provide you with suggestions for dietary changes, ergonomic modifications, exercises and other information that is useful in improving your overall health and wellbeing.

An osteopath is a medical doctor that specializes in manual manipulation techniques. The doctor may also serve as a primary physician and may work with a team of doctors to treat a variety of conditions. The goal of osteopathy is to improve your health through holistic and non-invasive treatments.

Many people can benefit from a Beaches osteopath. You will benefit with reduced pain and will learn ways to make changes to improve your health. Osteopathy is a very useful option that is not used instead of other treatment but rather along with traditional medical care. Our team of professionals will help you with your particular injuries or conditions and assist you in creating a better and more active and healthy lifestyle.

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