East Toronto Osteopathy

East Toronto Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a holistic and non-invasive medical treatment technique that is useful for reducing pain and for the improvement of overall health and wellbeing. An East Toronto osteopathy doctor has special training in addition to medical training that provides him with the knowledge to practice osteopathic medicine. Osteopathy is typically done in combination with other medical treatments. An osteopath may prescribe medications if necessary.

Your Visit to an East Toronto Osteopathy Clinic

During your initial consultation the doctor will review your medical history and discuss your needs. This is important in determining the treatment that is necessary to improve your health. The doctor will perform a complete physical examination and will observe you as you complete some simple stretches and movements. The doctor will check the health of your musculoskeletal system using a technique called palpitation. This is a manual technique using the hands.

Following a full assessment the East Toronto osteopathy will determine a treatment plan that is ideal for your specific needs. Treatment places an emphasis on self-healing. The doctor may also provide you with exercises you can do at home and with suggested dietary and lifestyle changes you can make to improve your overall health.

Diagnosis and treatment uses techniques called osteopathic manipulative medicine. The technique generally uses the hands and includes the use of gentle pressure and resistance along with stretching to improve the muscles, ligaments and tendons. Your doctor may provide a referral if he diagnoses a condition that he cannot treat.

Benefits of Osteopathy

There are many benefits to East Toronto osteopathy and few risks. The treatment itself is holistic and is completed in visits to the clinic. Osteopathy has been found to help with a large variety of conditions and illnesses. Some of these include back and neck pain, knee pain, foot and ankle pain, tennis elbow, headaches, arthritis, neuralgia and sports injuries.

Osteopathy has also been found to successfully treat insomnia caused by chronic pain. Treatments can also reduce stress. The doctor will provide treatments that are designed to improve your current condition and prevent future injuries.

For example, if you have back pain the doctor will provide you with exercises to improve posture and stretching and teach you proper lifting and breathing techniques. Additionally, he may also suggest lifestyle changes that will improve your ongoing health.

The goal of osteopathy treatment is to improve your specific condition while at the same time helping you achieve an overall healthy lifestyle. Treatments are meant to compliment other medical treatments that you are undergoing. Your doctor will help you achieve overall improvement in the function of all of the body’s systems.

Hands-on techniques are meant to improve circulation and alter the biomechanics of your body without the use of medications. The doctor will concentrate on balancing the body’s systems to help you feel your best and enjoy good health. You will begin to feel improve overall wellbeing due to the strengthening of the musculoskeletal system and other systems in your body. Contact us today to learn more about East Toronto osteopathy or to book an appointment. 



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