Holistic Cancer Treatment Centers In Texas


Cancer patients not only have to deal with the effects of the disease but also the emotional and physical repercussions of cancer treatments like chemotherapy, which is why we offer holistic treatments. If you’re looking for holistic cancer treatment centers in Texas, CenterTX offers comprehensive cancer care with dedicated cancer specialists.

How does holistic cancer treatment work?

Holistic medicine acknowledges that for a patient to be fully healthy, it’s not just the physical aspects to consider, but the mental wellbeing of a patient as well. Emotions affect the function of your brain, which in turn controls your physical wellbeing. Holistic cancer treatment isn’t just about killing cancerous cells, but also about managing the emotions and pain that come with conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

In holistic cancer treatment, you have complementary therapies that work alongside conventional treatments like chemotherapy. They could include any specific type of therapy that helps a patient psychologically. Each patient will have a different experience, with different psychological and physical side effects to deal with.

Some complementary therapies include aromatherapy, acupuncture, massages, yoga, meditation, and even hypnosis. We believe in providing unique, individualized treatments for all our patients. So, if you’re looking for holistic cancer treatment centers in Texas, we would be happy to explain the options available.

Talk to your doctor about holistic treatment

Many complementary therapies have yet to receive a green light, with most of the evidence being rather anecdotal or subjective. If you want the costs of treatment to be covered by insurance (more and more insurance companies are covering complementary therapies for cancer patients), you need a referral from your doctor and evidence that the treatment will work for any symptoms you’re experiencing.

Before going to the doctor, carry out thorough research into the therapies you want, from reputable medical sources. For some therapy types like meditation or yoga, there is sound evidence on their psychological benefits. If you choose nutritional supplements to help you with symptoms, speaking with your doctor can help determine the authenticity of some products in the market.

What cancer therapies to try

What therapies you want to try will obviously depend on the preferences you have. If music relaxes you, can try musical therapy, for example. Chemotherapy has many reported side effects that range from anxiety to nausea, and there are various therapy types you can use to soothe them.

Some cancer patients have used acupuncture to relieve nausea and pain successfully. In others, regular exercise has been shown to extend life. Methods like meditation and hypnosis have helped reduce stress and anxiety associated with chemotherapy.

The medical community slowly realizes the importance of holistic cancer treatment, that considers both mental and physical side effects. After all, cancer treatments are harsh and require patients to have a strong mind to push through. CenterTX strives to provide individualized treatment for every patient, and it is excellent for those looking for holistic cancer treatment centers in Texas.

Holistic Cancer Treatment Centers In Texas
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Holistic Cancer Treatment Centers In Texas
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