Osteopath East Toronto

Osteopath East Toronto

When you are experiencing body pain such as back pain, osteopathy may be very helpful. Osteopathy is a whole-body approach to healthcare and is utilized to promote overall good health and wellbeing. An osteopath in East Toronto has the training and experience to provide you with treatment that will help you improve your health.

How Osteopathy Can Help

Osteopathic medicine is a holistic way to treat pain or injuries. It is done in coordination with other treatments such as surgery and medication. Osteopathy itself is a drug-free therapy that focuses on the spine, joints and muscles of the body. An osteopath in East Toronto uses manual therapy techniques to manipulate and strengthen the musculoskeletal framework. This in turn leads to reduced pain and better overall health.

Osteopathy is often considered a complementary therapy because it can be used along with traditional treatments. An osteopath in East Toronto is a medical doctor with special training in osteopathy. The osteopath uses his hands to provide manipulation that will improve circulation and help rebalance the system.

Osteopathy does not focus specifically on the injury but instead provides a hands-on approach to improve overall health without the use of medications. Because of the holistic methods that are employed, osteopathy is a non-invasive treatment that can be ideal for patients of all ages.

The doctor will treat patients using techniques such as stretching and applying gentle pressure and resistance. Results are often cumulative and patients will begin to feel the results over time.

Relief for a Variety of Conditions

Osteopathy treats the entire body and therefore can provide benefits for many different ailments or conditions. Some of the most common conditions that may benefit from osteopathy include arthritis, back pain, sciatica, foot and ankle pain, neck pain, hip and knee pain, headaches, neuralgia and postural problems.

The treatment will begin with an initial consultation with an osteopath in East Toronto. During the consultation the doctor will discuss your health issues and previous treatments. The doctor will conduct an exam. During the examination the doctor will pay particular attention to your joints, ligaments, posture and mobility and may ask you to do some simple stretches.

Then, the doctor will determine a treatment plan that best fits the needs of the patient. In addition to osteopathy visits the patient may also need to do some exercises at home, some dietary changes and some lifestyle adjustments. Osteopathic treatments are done using gentle work by hand. The patient may feel some soreness for the first day after treatment since the body’s muscles are being manipulated in new ways.

An osteopath differs from a chiropractor in that the chiropractor focuses treatment mainly on the spine and joints and provides a different type of treatment. The osteopath treats the body as a whole and will provide overall treatment and care.

Osteopathy is a growing area of medicine because it takes a holistic approach and can be used in conjunction with traditional treatments. Contact us online to learn more about osteopathy or to book an appointment.


Osteopath East Toronto
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