treatment centers in Arizona

If you experience advanced stages of drug or alcohol addiction, you need urgent professional assistance. At Scottsdale Recovery Center, we specialize in advanced rehab treatments that rely on long-term efficiency. You can only escape the physical and psychological addiction with the help of experts and in a controlled environment.

We own some of the top treatment centers in Arizona, where we have helped countless people shed their problems and start life anew. Living with addiction should never be an option because it will never lead to anything good. And since you can’t escape the never-ending cycle of drug and alcohol abuse on your own, we’ll take on the task.

It’s important to choose your rehab institution carefully because not all of them function the same. If your situation is more severe, you should consider an inpatient rehab program. If not, the intensive outpatient program will do the job. In both cases, however, you should get top treatment and patient-oriented care and support. What makes us great is the variety of programs and advanced procedures we’re using to help you recover.

Clinical and therapeutic approaches

The rehab experience will begin the moment you set foot on our center. The phases you will be going through include:

  • Investigating and diagnosing – Our specialists will analyze your condition and will place a diagnostic we can work with. You’ll have to provide information regarding your medical history, what drugs you’re using and for how long, the symptoms, etc. At the same time, we’ll investigate and address additional mental disorders that have been either caused or aggravated by substance abuse.

  • Detox and psychological treatment – The detoxification process it the second phase, usually backed by regular therapeutic sessions. At our treatment centers in Arizona, we’ll initially focus on controlling the symptoms of withdrawal and the cravings. Addressing psychological issues will follow shortly, in many cases in parallel with the detox process. Here we will treat emotional traumas, heal mental problems, and restore your confidence and positivism.

  • Relapse prevention – Minimizing the risk of relapse is vital in the long-term recovery. Our goal is to help you remain sober and healthy for the rest of your life. For this purpose, we will resort to psychological counseling, group and family therapies, educational meetings, and life skills development.

Holistic treatments

Keeping the spirit healthy and vibrant is another crucial goal of our programs. Patients suffering from addiction have usually lost sight of their life’s meaning. If you are in the same situation, we’ll help you break free from it. Our holistic treatment involves activities like equine therapy, recovery yoga, guided meditation, and life skills and coaching.

In addition to that, we have the unique Adventure Therapy, based on group activities taking place in the heart of nature. All with the sole purpose of restoring your spiritual health.

We’ll wait for you in our treatment centers in Arizona, ready to get things started. At Scottsdale Recovery Center, we have been helping people escape addiction for many years. Now it’s your turn to get a second chance – take it!

treatment centers in Arizona
Scottsdale Recovery Center
treatment centers in Arizona
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