How Osteopathy Can Help You Recover after a Fracture

So, you were doing your best superhero impression, soaring through the air with unparalleled grace… until gravity decided to remind you that you’re no Superman and sent you crashing down to reality.  Or you were powering through a weekend warrior sports session – only to be reminded that you do not in fact have the […]

Why Are My Joints So Noisy? An Osteopath’s View

  Joint cracking is a common phenomenon.  It’s often associated with the release of gas bubbles in the synovial fluid and can be harmless.  Interestingly though, it occurs most frequently in joints lacking stability and adequate support from the surrounding muscular system, which is a cause for concern. This instability can result from muscle imbalances, […]

Increase Shoulder Stability Through Exercise

Are you struggling with shoulder instability?  Maybe you’ve previously injured a muscle or tendon, or dislocated your shoulder and problems are persisting?  Are simple tasks such as reaching overhead, lifting objects, or even getting dressed or brushing your hair challenging and painful?  Well, there is hope.  Our Osteopaths are here to help you regain strength […]

All About Disc Injuries: An Osteopath’s Perspective

Introduction: Disc injuries, though often underestimated, can significantly impact quality of life. From gradual wear and tear to severe extrusion or sequestration, the journey of a disc injury encompasses various stages, each presenting its own set of challenges.  Our Osteopaths have witnessed firsthand, the complexities of these injuries and understand the potential for holistic treatment […]

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: A Comprehensive Guide

The Intricate World of the Lymphatic System: The lymphatic system is complex:  Lymph vessels, which parallel blood vessels, and lymph nodes (small structures that filter and purify lymph) are joined by the thymus, spleen, and tonsils to make up this system. What is lymph?  We’re so glad you asked. Lymph is a colourless fluid, which […]

Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Comprehensive Guide

  Introduction: Welcome to our exploration of Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis (JIS), a condition that affects children and adolescents.  If you suspect your child has scoliosis, please call us as our  Osteopaths can help. In the meantime, let’s understand what’s going on… Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis Overview: Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis is a complex spinal condition. It usually […]

Type 2 Diabetes and Osteopathic Care

Type 2 diabetes is a widespread, acquired metabolic disorder. In a nutshell – it’s all about insulin; insulin resistance or inadequate insulin production, which messes with your blood sugar levels. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, you might not immediately think of osteopathic care.  And we don’t blame you, as there’s a lot […]

Osteopathy for Musicians

For musicians, your instrument can be an extension of yourselves.  But losing yourself in the music can come at a cost.  Yes, within this pursuit of passion, lurks some silent adversaries: repetitive strain injury (RSI), back problems and hand injuries, just to name a few. While good technique and posture help A LOT, you still […]

Subacromial Impingement – An Osteopathic Perspective

Introduction: Ever had that stubborn shoulder pain that just won’t quit? Or found that you simply can’t perform overhead tasks because your shoulder is too weak? Maybe the pain kicks in when you lift your arm to the side? It seems likely you’re suffering from a subacromial impingement, also sometimes referred to as shoulder impingement. […]

Turning Resolutions into Reality: Insights from your Osteopath

New Year’s Resolutions Why do we do this to ourselves every year? Why do we set ourselves up for failure with New Year’s Resolutions? We’re all about figuring out how to achieve our goals in 2024 (hint: getting expert care from the Osteopaths at BeacHealth might help if any of your goals are health-related). If […]