Contrast showers: From toned skin to improving immune system and much more

A contrast shower is a technique of alternating between hot and cold showers. You start with a 3 minute hot shower (put it to your normal temperature) then switch to a 1 minute cold shower (go as cold as you can), do this cycle 3 times ending on cold. If you do not have the time, reduce the minutes, just keep to a 3 to 1 ratio of hot to cold.

The contrast of hot to cold; increases blood flow, activates the parasympathetic system and releases endorphins therefore we see the following benefits:

  • Increased circulation: the shock provided by the cold makes the heart pump quicker, the body will adapt to this new stress and become more efficient to stresses. Better more efficient circulation provides more nutrients to tissues and allows for better healing times. It also provides better removal of toxins from the bloodstream.
  • Improved immune system: the contrast stimulates the production of white blood cells which in turn creates a better defense against pathogens
  • May help with weight loss: the shock can cause your metabolism to increase
  • Prevent muscle soreness: this technique has been used for a long time in professional sports where the athletes would dunk into cold tanks, this is the same for contrast showers. It reduces inflammation and increases circulation which improves muscle recovery
  • Increased energy and improved mood: the increase of circulation to the brain and shock causing increase in endorphins cause a burst of energy, increased alertness and improved mood
  • Improved skin: the increase in circulation to the skin will provide the nutrients necessary for beautiful skin


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