As a passionate runner I understand running injuries and running training. With specialised training with running related injuries and experience as a running coach I believe that I can help you with not only your injury, but preventing future injuries. Running is after all a one legged sport, where you never have both feet on the ground. Running therefore demands a lot on the body in terms of strength and stability, especially when we are doing the same action over and over again. One of my main goals is to optimise a runners movement patterns by activating the right muscles at the right times, control tissue loading and improve body control.

Whether you’re an elite runner or a novice runner, optimise your running performance and help prevent injury. I treat every runner as an individual and work with you and your body to develop an appropriate movement pattern, identify weaknesses, tweak form, suggest footwear and other changes that may be appropriate.

In my practice, the following may be performed:

  1. Look at how you run, both with your shoes on and with your shoes off.
  2. Analyse to see if there are any abnormal movement patterns, which may indicate muscle imbalances and associated weak areas; or there might be an underlying injury, such as a ligament sprain, which may give you an altered gait pattern.
  3. Visual and verbal feedback is then given by a few helpful tips to correct running technique and efficiency.
  4. Specified running based exercises may be given to reinforce good running technique.
  5. Specified strengthening exercises may also be given to correct your gait pattern.
  6. Active movements will be performed to assess body movement and alignment. We not only look at the legs and feet, but the whole body to address the global picture.
  7. Nutritional assessment
  8. Training program modifications
  9. Treatment may follow if you have a current injury. This may include:
  • soft-tissue massage
  • muscle energy techniques
  • joint mobilisation or articulations
  • stretching
  • dry needling
  • electrotherapy and laser therapy
  • joint manipulations
  • taping, including general taping, myofacial taping and kinesio taping.


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