Our private one-on-one class is the best way to reach your exercises goals. It is designed to increase joint and muscle range of motion through specific techniques such as passive and active stretching, postural re-education, pilates, full body functional strengthening and bio-mechanical correction. In addition to helping prevent injuries and pain (spine, and muscles), athletes may see accelerated results in the performance of any sport or physical activity (including dance, pilates, yoga, weight training).

According to a publication by the School of Medicine at Harvard University, flexibility training consists of a series of activities that stretch the muscles, which can help prevent injuries and possible pain that may occur as a result of exercise. It can also be a way to relax after a heavy workout routine.

Like stretching, flexibility exercises are techniques used to increase the extent of muscle connective tissue. The longer the muscle, the better the movement and flexibility of your joint, which helps to reduce the risk of injury, especially during more intense workouts.

Semi private or group classes up to three participants can also be a fun way to stretch with a friend or be guided through movements with other people.

The use of mat work, balls, bands, wall and floor are used in a creative way to make this an enjoyable experience!