Adrianna Lis Pereira

Pilates, Yoga, Adult Ballet, Stretching and Mobility Instructor

Adriana Lis brings a truly interesting combination of classes and treatment to our clinic with her academic and experienced background in Pilates, Yoga, Dance and body movement.

She has worked as a Physiotherapist in Brazil for over 25 years, working with neurological, postural and orthopaedic rehabilitation for all ages. Being passionate about movement she studied ballet since the age of 5 and added dance to her clinical graduate training, GPR (Global Postural Re-education) in addition to Hatha Yoga and Pilates. This allows her to provide her clients with a wealth of new possibilities and combinations of movement and interconnection between the body and mind, with a lot of creativity and humour. She also incorporates Reiki and Consciousness Expansion Techniques to her clients.

She worked as an undergraduate and graduate Academic Professor in Physiotherapy for 15 years at a prominent university in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, providing excellent communication and interpersonal contact. She has been teaching Yoga, Beginner Adult Ballet and Pilates classes for over 10 years. Adriana Lis focuses on postural improvement and the well-being of her clients to easily detect what they need.

The practice of Clinical Pilates contributes to increased physical and mental endurance, increased flexibility, correction of postural problems, increased concentration, muscle toning, improved motor coordination, reduced friction in joints, relief of muscle pain and most importantly, improvement in your quality of life.

Hatha yoga is one of the most popular modalities of yoga, with slower movements designed to calm the mind and help reflect. She received her Instructors Certificate at Centro de Estudos Ganesha and Pilates at Studio Physiopropylates in Brazil. The term “hatha” is a Sanskrit word which means strength. It combines postures (asanas) with breathing techniques (pranayama) and provides many benefits such as reduced anxiety, improved sleep, increased muscle tone and flexibility and a stronger immune system.

Ballet for Beginner Adults provides that incredible feeling of happiness through the release of endorphins for those who are passionate about dance like Adriana Lis is. Her classes include music which makes it a truly fun experience and can be practiced by people of all ages and body types. Ballet exercises can help you achieve a defined body and regain muscle tone. It stimulates both the upper muscles, through posture and required arm work, and the lower muscles, through jumps, pirouettes and lifting exercises.

Adriana Lis Pereira obtained her Bachelor’s certificate in Physiotherapy from the University of Ribeirão Preto (UNAERP) in the State of São Paulo, Brazil. She holds a post-graduate degree in the Specialty of Neurology from the State University of Campinas in the State of São Paulo, Brazil (UNICAMP). In addition to a Masters in Science, she is currently completing a Doctorate in Cerebral Vascular Accident, Department of Medicine, through the renowned University of São Paulo (USP), in Brazil.


In her spare time, Adriana Lis or Lis, as many affectionately call her, loves to meditate, practice yoga, ballet and outdoor activities that surround her in nature. She nurtures family connections and is in touch with her inner self through humour and happiness innate in the Brazilian soul.