Daniel Stasiuk

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

B.Sc.(Clin.Sc.), M.H.Sc.(Osteopathy), D.Ac., CSCS

Over 14 Years of Experience

Daniel is a qualified osteopath from Australia, where he earned  Bachelor of Clinical Sciences and his Masters of Health Sciences degrees from Victoria University in Melbourne in 2004. In the past 13 years  he has worked in numerous clinics in Melbourne, Launceston, Toronto and Kingston, and in addition he has set up and ran a health clinic, Mosaic Health, in Melbourne from 2010-2014. Daniel currently practices in Toronto at 2 clinics.

Mr. Stasiuk has extensive experience with osteopathic treatment, including postural related injuries, headaches, concussions, TMJ dysfunction, joint sprains, pregnancy related pain, tendon injuries and other sporting injuries. In his practice his osteopathic treatments may include the use of soft tissue techniques, counterstrain, muscle energy techniques, mobilization, manipulation, dry needling, functional techniques, cranial, biodynamics and indirect techniques.

Daniel has a strong interest in running related injuries, running analysis, running technique, strength and conditioning. Being an avid runner and running coach he understands the frustration that an injury can cause. He believes that prevention is the best approach to running related injuries and tries to encourage his patients to take the proactive approach. By addressing their running technique, strength and stability throughout the body, training program and nutrition he believes that he can make them a better and healthier runner.

Daniel gains immense satisfaction from helping his patients recover from injuries. He believes that prevention is key and helps his patients work on strategies to prevent injuring themselves again in the future.

For more information please email Daniel at daniel@beachealth.com