Understanding Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

  You have probably been hearing a lot about RSV lately as it is affecting many individuals in the GTA, here is all you need to know about it: What is RSV? RSV is a common respiratory virus that can affect individuals of all ages. However, it’s particularly severe in infants and older adults or those […]

Type 2 Diabetes and Osteopathic Care

Type 2 diabetes is a widespread, acquired metabolic disorder. In a nutshell – it’s all about insulin; insulin resistance or inadequate insulin production, which messes with your blood sugar levels. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, you might not immediately think of osteopathic care.  And we don’t blame you, as there’s a lot […]

Inflammation and the connection to your immune system

  Inflammation is your body’s natural response to injury or infection, a crucial part of the healing process.  However, when this process becomes chronic, it can lead to a range of health issues, from autoimmune disorders to cardiovascular problems.  Understanding the triggers and managing inflammation is key to maintaining optimal health. It’s crucial to recognize […]

Get Ahead of the School Year

  Yes, it will soon be time for students to head back to school. This transition can be both exciting and challenging for both children and parents. It is important to focus on managing energy and stress while embracing the beauty of autumn. Here are some to tips to support your well-being during this season.  […]

Venous insufficiency: aching, swelling and spider veins

Venous insufficiency is a medical condition that occurs when the veins in the legs are unable to effectively transport blood back to the heart.  Normally, veins have one-way valves that help prevent the backward flow of blood.  However, when these valves become weakened or damaged, blood can pool in the veins, leading to venous insufficiency. […]

Acne: Naturopathic and Aesthetic Options

Acne can be a frustrating and sometimes painful skin condition that affects people of all ages. However, as a Naturopathic Doctor, I have seen firsthand how natural remedies and lifestyle changes can greatly improve acne symptoms without the need for harsh chemicals or prescription medications. One of the main causes of acne is inflammation, which […]

Magnesium Bis-Glycinate

Magnesium is a vital mineral that plays an essential role in many bodily functions, including nerve and muscle function, bone health, and heart health. It is also required for the proper functioning of enzymes in the body and helps to regulate blood sugar levels. However, despite its importance, many people do not get enough magnesium […]

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a health condition that occurs when your body does not produce enough insulin or cannot use the insulin it produces. Insulin is a hormone that converts glucose into energy, usually keeping your blood glucose levels in check. You may have heard of diabetes, but are you familiar with the signs and symptoms? And […]

Headaches/migraines: Treatment and Prevention

Roughly 10% of the Canadian population suffer from one type of headache or migraine. This is a very high number, and what most people do not realize the cure for most is as simple as a glass of water. The most common type is the tension headache. This is caused by tight muscles usually in […]

Cholesterol: Do not think of it as bad or good!

Cholesterol comes in many forms, in the past some where labeled as bad and others as good. This is not a correct way of looking at them, cholesterol is an essential fat that is required for normal body functions. It is produced by the liver and is needed to build cells, helps in fat digestion, […]