Jared Cox

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

M.Ost (Osteopathy), CNP (Certified Nutritional Practitioner)

Jared is a registered Osteopath, Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer with a special interest in treating, sports injuries, back, neck, shoulder pain, and digestive issues

Jared uses Osteopathic techniques, nutrition and exercise advice as part of his individualized approach to treating the underlying cause of a patient’s pain, injury or symptoms.

As an athlete Jared has seen the benefit of utilizing Osteopathy, nutrition, sleep, stress management and individualized exercise in order to rehabilitate from various injuries, return to sport and prevent future problems from reoccurring. Jared uses those same principles, acquired through experience and formal education, to help patients recover from injuries, improve their well-being and optimize their health.

Jared received his Masters in Osteopathic medicine from the British School of Osteopathy and is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner.

For more information please email Jared at jared@beachealth.com