Jared Cox

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

M.Ost (Osteopathy), CNP (Certified Nutritional Practitioner)

Jared is a registered Osteopath, Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer with a special interest in treating, sports injuries, back, neck, shoulder pain, and digestive issues

Jared obtained his Masters degree in Osteopathy from the University College of Osteopathy in London, UK and is a registered Osteopath with the Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners. In addition to Osteopathy, Jared is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner having graduated from The Institute Holistic Nutritionist and is also a Personal Trainer.

After graduating, Jared practiced in a number of clinics across London, UK and treated a wide variety of patients including athletes, runners’ office workers, trades people, children and pre and post-natal woman.
Jared’s aim is to treat patients in an individualized holistic manner using a variety of osteopathic techniques, nutrition, and exercise to help patients become pain free and reach their desired state of health.

As a former rugby and hockey player Jared’s passion is treating sports injuries in athletes of all ages, but also has special interest in treating persistent low back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain.
Jared uses a variety of Osteopathic techniques, such as joint mobilisation, manipulation and soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques as well as functional and cranial approaches to help people recover and rehabilitate from their pain.
Jared’s treatment extends beyond just hands on therapy, his treatment can include lifestyle and nutrition advice as well as a progressive exercise plan designed to help you achieve your goals.

For more information please email Jared at [email protected]