A lot of us have problems with dry or even hard skin on our feet, which can be unsightly and painful.  Often times, it can be caused by footwear, standing for long periods of time, especially on hard surfaces, or the cold dry air of winter.  Other causes can be weight gain, uneven weight distribution, or could be systemic as certain diseases may contribute to the dryness, a vitamin deficiency or even genetics.  Sometimes it just develops as we get older.   Psoriasis and eczema are not uncommon to show up on your feet as well.  Extreme symptoms may be severe dry, cracks or fissures on the skin of our feet, especially the plantar side (underneath) and the heel area.

How to prevent it

Wear a comfortable insole in your shoes to soften the force of impact as you walk or stand.  If your hard skin is down to your gait and/or weight distribution, wear custom made orthotics in your shoes.  Moisturize with proper foot emollients.

How a Chiropodist can help

There may be a number of reasons for this condition and our Chiropodist will be able to determine the nature of the dry skin and discuss how best to treat it.

Skin buffing with medical grade discs may be used to remove the sloughing skin layer to smooth the feet and expose the healthier epithelial level.  A rich prescribed foot mousse is then applied to the entire area which helps to heal dry, cracked skin and prevent hard skin from reforming.  Foot emollients can be purchased at our clinic for home daily use.

Book your next footcare appointment for a medical pedicure or bio-mechanical analysis for an orthotics assessment.  Your feet with thank you!

These pictures show one of our patient’s actual treatment before and after: