Why Are My Joints So Noisy? An Osteopath’s View

  Joint cracking is a common phenomenon.  It’s often associated with the release of gas bubbles in the synovial fluid and can be harmless.  Interestingly though, it occurs most frequently in joints lacking stability and adequate support from the surrounding muscular system, which is a cause for concern. This instability can result from muscle imbalances, […]

Increase Shoulder Stability Through Exercise

Are you struggling with shoulder instability?  Maybe you’ve previously injured a muscle or tendon, or dislocated your shoulder and problems are persisting?  Are simple tasks such as reaching overhead, lifting objects, or even getting dressed or brushing your hair challenging and painful?  Well, there is hope.  Our Osteopaths are here to help you regain strength […]

Osteopathy for Musicians

For musicians, your instrument can be an extension of yourselves.  But losing yourself in the music can come at a cost.  Yes, within this pursuit of passion, lurks some silent adversaries: repetitive strain injury (RSI), back problems and hand injuries, just to name a few. While good technique and posture help A LOT, you still […]

Subacromial Impingement – An Osteopathic Perspective

Introduction: Ever had that stubborn shoulder pain that just won’t quit? Or found that you simply can’t perform overhead tasks because your shoulder is too weak? Maybe the pain kicks in when you lift your arm to the side? It seems likely you’re suffering from a subacromial impingement, also sometimes referred to as shoulder impingement. […]

Turning Resolutions into Reality: Insights from your Osteopath

New Year’s Resolutions Why do we do this to ourselves every year? Why do we set ourselves up for failure with New Year’s Resolutions? We’re all about figuring out how to achieve our goals in 2024 (hint: getting expert care from the Osteopaths at BeacHealth might help if any of your goals are health-related). If […]

Office Worker Elbow

If you’re an office worker and you’ve been dealing with elbow pain, you’re not alone. Many of us spend hours at a desk, typing away on a computer, and sometimes that can lead to discomfort in our elbows. Let’s dive into what might be causing your elbow pain, some basics about elbow anatomy, and most […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When Your Hands Demand Relief from an Osteopath’s Touch: This month we’re focussing on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and what our Osteopaths can do to help. So, you’re experiencing tingling, numbness, or pain in your hands and wrists. You might be afflicted with that bothersome condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).  Whether you spend long […]

Medial Ankle Sprain

Ouch! So, you missed your footing on the stairs and fell.  You landed badly, twisting your ankle in a funny direction. It could have been worse of course, but it’s still not great.  It’s time to call your Osteopath. What Is a Medial Ankle Sprain? When your foot rolled, it stretched or even tore the […]

Are your joints popping, grinding or clicking?

You know how there’s always a scene in horror movies where a creaking floorboard is the scariest thing? For a lot of people, the floorboard is probably unnecessary, but the weird noises coming from their knees, necks, shoulders, and fingers would do the job. But what are these noises? Why do joints make grinding, clicking […]