Welcome to our Running Lab!

Whether you’re an elite runner or a novice runner, we can help optimize your running performance and help prevent injury.  We treat every runner as an individual. Our gait specialists work with you and your body to develop an appropriate movement pattern, identify weaknesses, correct form, recommend footwear and any other changes that may be appropriate.



Your Gait Analysis begins with a thorough clinical evaluation of your running history, current training program, previous and current injuries, anatomical structure, strength, flexibility, range of motion, and goals.

After the evaluation, you will move into the gait analysis, where our video software, guided by 4 cameras, will record you running on a treadmill. Some gait modifications may be given to you at this time to improve your form. After the gait analysis, your practitioner will then sit down with you to review your video and discuss your strengths and weaknesses. Recommendations are based on your clinical presentation, level of training, and performance goals. Recommendations may include a treatment plan for a current injury, strengthening exercises, flexibility exercises, running technique cues, running drills, and training program modifications.

Each participant will receive report that includes the findings from the run analysis as well as any exercises that were prescribed.

The run assessments our performed by our osteopaths Daniel Stasiuk and Jared Cox.

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